Air Conditioning Checkups & Service

Joe's Auto Service in Carmel Indiana

During the humid Indiana Summers, Joe's understands that a broken air conditioner in your vehicle can be ... well, downright miserable.

When should you check your air conditioning?

Carmel AC Repair

Each Spring is a great time, before it heats up!

Should I be concerned with fixing my own air conditioner?

Many vehicles, especially those built before 1995 use the refrigerant R-12 or Freon. The EPA has determined that the ozone is effected by Freon escaping into the air. A mechanic will know just what to do to eliminate and properly recycle freon in your vehicle.

Steps in a Typical Air Conditioning Repair Process

1. First to "evacuate" the system. This is done by sucking out all of the remaining freon as well as any other irritants. We then recycle the freon in an environmentally friendly way.

2. We then draw the system down to a vacuum and leak check for negative pressure.

3. We inject oil dye and charge the system with the right amount of freon as specified by your vehicle manufacturer.

4. After the freon is installed, we again check the system for leaks.

5. In the event that there is a leak, we estimate the repair. As always, we call you to authorize the repair before we do it.

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