Brake Repair

Brake Inspection
  1. We always start with test drive to verify the brakes are indeed wore out, bad or faulty.

  2. We follow this with a thorough four-wheel brake inspection, which includes removing all four wheels and examining the brake components like the rotors, calipers, break lines and brake fluid levels. Electrical troubleshooting of Anti-lock braking systems (ABS) is also performed when applicable.

  3. If service is needed, we estimate the cost of repair and contact you for your approval.

Why Brake Inspections?

Breakdown on brake pads is common in every vehicle, especially if you decelerate quickly at stop lights and stop signs. Replacing break pads is a great way to keep more expensive repairs from being necessary, like rotors, calipers and ABS brake system replacement.

Around Hamilton County, where we often drive over road salt in the winters, it is especially good to have regular brake inspections.